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Empower and value human connections through personalized knowledge sharing

Our Value

Human connection

Not just an ordinary social platform, Pixie was born to promote the values of human beings. We believe that no one should be lonely if we are to open our hearts, share our stories and express our emotions in the most genuine way. Pixie connects and nurtures human touch.

Knowledge sharing

If we do not learn something every day, we remain a larva which will never mature into a butterfly. Pixie understands that learning is always an exciting journey but not a destination. We will fashionably create a fun and meaningful education experience for you with a devoted team and professional experts. Pixies focuses and commits to be your trustworthy companion on this lifelong learning journey.

Results oriented

We always treasure the real outcomes. Pixie will continuously evaluate your satisfaction with the process and our experts. Our team is determined to improve the overall experiences for both experts and users so that the journey will constantly be extraordinary.


With Pixie you can

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Experts come from top corporations in variable industries in VietNam.


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Various topics

At Pixie, a lot of conferences have occured. There is always hundreds of topic and flexible time to choose.


How to become a product development?

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If you are confident about your knowledge in any aspect, let's register to become Pixie’s expert.


Why you should choose Pixie


Find a suitable expert for your demand.


Meet and talk with top-notch experts.


Suitable budget for everyone.


We are committed to keeping all your personal information private.


Lots of features to improve user experience are waiting for you to discover.


Easy to use and time-saving


Experts come from top corporations in variable industries in VietNam

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Frequently Asked Questions🤔️️💬️️👍

What Is Pixie? How Does It Work?

Pixie is a platform with the purpose of helping you connect with hundreds of experts from different fields who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Pixie will base on your issues and questions to match Pixie's Expert and bring to you the best and most perfect experience.

At Pixie, can we become both users and experts?

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. At Pixie, you only need to register and wait for our response to become expert in your fields. And you can book other sessions from experts in other fields as a user.

Can I make appointments with different experts?

Of course, as long as your timetable is suitable so you can book anytime that our experts are available, with this arrangement you will have the best experiences at Pixie and also can make appointments with many experts.

User experience reviewers😍️️👌️️😊

Sinh viên như tụi mình hay lạc lối luôn cần người dẫn dắt khi dùng Pixie đặc biệt là sử dụng dịch vụ Review CV

Thảo Khanh

Kết thúc cuộc trò chuyện, mình tâm đắc nhất câu nói của chị Hannah đó là “Nhân sự không dành cho người nóng vội”, cần phải có lộ trình cụ thể và kết quả được trả lời qua từng ngày mình cố gắng

Hoàng Hải An

Với background cũng như trải nghiệm phong phú của bản thân, chị Thảo còn feedback với chỉnh CV cẩn thận cho mình nữa 🥺 có gì thắc mắc, mình hỏi liền là được giải đáp liền à, sao mà vui vẻ thoải mái dữ dạ 😠💖

Trần Hồ Thu Uyên

As a Blockchain expert, Mr. Liam has deep and wide knowledge about this technology. Besides, he can explain systematically, simply, and fluently, which helps me a lot in acquiring knowledge. Much appreciate your sharing and thanks a lot!

Đức Tân Trần Hoàng

Cảm ơn anh Hiếu đã cho mình hiểu rất nhiều điều, giúp mình nhận ra bản thân cần những gì và định hướng con đường cho riêng mình.

Kim Ngọc

Become an expert with Pixie!

With sharing and consulting sessions that result from in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, we creates an impressive flatform to connect people around the world