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Successful turning point in career path, blockchain knowledge, from zero to something, from low-techie to techie, crypto investment, etc. My stories may motivate you.

Kinh nghiệm

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer

Jul 2021 - present

Blockchain ⚬ Tech stack: Solidity, PyTeal (Algorand), Node.js, GraphQL, Golang, Kubernetes, Docker ⚬ Product: Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Launchpad ⚬ Backend for stats indexing ⚬ Infrastructure for data analysis and backend services

Technical Lead

Technical Lead

Pixie Group

Oct 2020 - present

Human search engine - Personalized knowledge sharing platform ⚬ Tech team size: 10 members - Backend, Frontend, QC, DevOps, Data Analysis ⚬ Tech stack: Microservices, Golang, PostgreSQL, React, GCP, AWS, Github Action, BigQuery

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Trusting Social

Oct 2020 - Jul 2021

⚬ Tech stack: Golang, Postgres, GCP, AWS, Jenkins, React ⚬ Working on lending platform - Connect borrowers with banks: ⚬ Main engineer of fast credit card registration - Lead gen for banks: ⚬ In charge of developing backend (Golang, main job) and frontend (React) services ⚬ Build CI/CD using Jenkins and be responsible for release and deployment process ⚬ Build CS chatbot for Facebook (Chatfuel) and Zalo (own implementation) ⚬ Integrate with affiliate system and build performance tracking tools ⚬ Build data lake for BI team using GCP and BigQuery

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Proteus Industries Inc.

Jun 2019 - Feb 2018

⚬ Tech stack: C/C++, Arm, low-level software ⚬ Implement Web User Interface on Arm Cortex-M4 platform ⚬ Developer/Reviewer of CPM and WeldSaver projects ⚬ In charge of digital filter for sensor measurement and liquid control system ⚬ Design low-level driver for hardware components ⚬ Responsible for device manual and code documentations

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Ampere Computing

Jun 2019 - Oct 2020

⚬ Tech stack: C/C++, Redis, Linux, Yocto ⚬ Working on BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) ⚬ Maintainer/Reviewer of Redfish/RESTful service ⚬ Responsible for services related to sensor monitoring, power control, event log, server and management controller communication.

Học vấn

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Master of Computer Science - MCS, Artificial Intelligence

Jul 2019 - Jul 2021

GPA: 8.97/10 Thesis: Person Re-identification (Person retrieval across disjoint cameras)

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering, Embedded Software

Jul 2014 - Jul 2018

Program for the Gifted - GPA: 9.24/10 Silver Medal for Top 2 GPA Thesis: Camera Stabilizer and Object Tracking

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